Thunder Bay’s 11th Eid Fest

We will be awaiting Crescent Committee ‘s decision for Eid. The possible dates are Tuesday, June 4th or Wednesday, June 5th. Door Open: 7:00 AM Takebeerat 8:00 AM Prayer: 8:30 AM Festivities: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Venue: CLE Coliseum Hall | 425 Northern Ave.

Eid Festival CLE Heritage Building 425 Northern Ave. Friday September 1st Takbeerat: 8:00 am Eid Prayer: 8:30 am Sweets | Jumping Castles | Lunch Contact:

3rd Open House & Carnival

Thunder Masjid’s 3rd Annual Carnival Saturday Aug 20, 2016. Thunder Bay Masjid Welcomes You and your friends! Open House!

Thunder Bay Masjid’s 3rd Annual CarnivalSaturday Aug 20, 2016
Thunder Bay Masjid Welcomes You and your Friends!
Open House
12PM-7PM All Are Welcome
Free BBQ, Tour of Mosque, Experience Culture, Jumping Castles, Henna Corner, Face Painting, Q&A Session, Much More.

4th Open House & Carnival

Open House & Carnival

Thunder Bay Masjid is proud to announce that for our 4th Open House & Carnival we have joined Doors Open Thunder Bay. Come join us with family and friends on Saturday, Sep 8th for a fun-filled day and a guided tour of your Masjid!